Our labels have been designed by Josh O’Meara from Shades of Green Creative shadesofgreendesign.com.au. We believe Josh has created unique and original labels that capture our love for nature and colour while weaving an engaging story that reflects the namesake for each wine.


Malabre [‘mal √§rb] Riesling

Malabre is the maiden name of Elizabeth’s mother Eileen. The brief was to create a label that reflected Eileen’s love of vibrant colours and her love for growing plants in her garden. The image that Josh created is an abstract gardenscape that incorporates texture and shades of green to create a vibrant and lively interpretation of a garden scene. We included the phonetic spelling of Malabre as the pronounciation is often misspoke.


Chell Chardonnay

Chell is named after Elizabeth’s sister Rachael (nickname Chell) who is a healer trained in alternate medicines such as naturopathy and kinesiology. Three illustrations form the base of this label design which all hold significant importance for Rachael, the Vitruvian Man, the zodiac and Egyptian myths.


Longley Pinot Noir

Longley is a reference to George Longley, the first curator of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens in 1859 and lived in a tent for two years with his family on the property while the gardens were established. The label design is layered with illustrations that include the ficifolia eucalyptus (indigenous to Walpole) and a letter that George wrote to his wife when a swan on the property was attacked by a dog.


Ronaldum Shiraz

Ronaldum is named after Elizabeth’s father Ronald, whose father also had the same name. Several years ago Ronald completed part of the Camino de Santiago and on his completion was issued a certificate with his Latin name Ronaldum. Ronald grew up in Kalgoorlie where his family were part owners in a gold mine. The image is an illustration of a gold mine prospecting site. It captures that red earth of the outback which are defining characteristics of the quintessential Australian landscape.



Ficifolia Illustration

Every wine that we produce has an illustration of the Corymbia ficifolia or the red flowering gum (previously known as Eucalyptus ficifolia). This tree is native to a very small area of south coastal Western  Australia to the east of Walpole (430km southeast of Perth). This illustration has been placed on the back label and has been invisably embedded with the digi marc application QR code which directs people to our website. This is new technology and eventually will replace the existing barcode in its current format.